Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sold as a date...dang it.



 I was sold.

As in for money.

A bunch of our girlfriends were at a service auction and someone decided it would be a good idea to sell us as dates.

If none of you have been to a silent auction before, let me explain.

Things are auctioned.


AKA people walk around and put down their name and price they are willing to pay on pieces of paper, stating what they think the good, or in my case, pride, is worth. All night I avoided that frightful piece of paper that had my price tag on it.

The person who put us up for auction found the lucky winner who paid a whole $15 to be my date. I stood there, like a prized cow, while my new owner looked over me. The owner looked really confused and then started whispering to the auctioneer.

My new owner: “Wait a second…I thought that she would be taking ME on a date.”
Auctioneer: “No. You bought a date.”
My new owner: “Why would I pay for something then pay for it again?!”

The auctioneer and I looked on horrified as my not so tactful new owner said, “You know what I’m just gonna bag the whole thing” and walked out of the room.

So technically I was sold, but not bought.

Special moments as a Spinster,



  1. Oh my gosh. I would have slapped that boy silly. Some guys are such losers.

  2. Hahaha! oh my gosh! That's terrible! Ha. But kind of funny. ;) lol

  3. Oh gosh thats awful, I'm sorry!

  4. I would have paid him $15 to get away. What a dirt bag.

  5. What. A. Moron. LOL, that is too funny! I love you for sharing this story.

    xoxo, Amy

  6. Oh. My. Heavens. That boy is a lousy weasel, and I am sorry that you had to experience that! Buuuut.. I love the story! Such a good one. Haha :)

  7. ...D: I am appalled. Rude as it was, it's best that he left and you didn't have to endure an evening with him. I hope your girlfriends took you out to make up for it! (out and about hanging out, not take you out take you out-that's for LoserBoy:)

  8. I asked a friend to go out with me so I wouldn't have to be an awkward third wheel to my crush and his girlfriend...my friend said I would have to pay him $50..Seriously, whats wrong with guys