Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vampire Boy


So there I was at Walmart after dark.
Not my fav.
But as I was walking out I saw two girls talking excitedly.
As they walked past me I heard,

Friend of Girl: So how bad is it?
Girl: Well see for yourself. as she pulls her hoodie away from her neck.

Full on hickey.

(Usually at this point I would do a Spinsters definition" but this is just too awkward.)

Girl: He bit it.
Friend of Girl: I know. I can tell.

Excuse?! Is this real life?

1. In what universe would a girl let a guy treat her that way? Gert and I are big on chivalry and (trying) to be classy so this sort of thing outrages us. Just because a guy may treat a girl like shes second-hand, doesnt mean that she should prove him right. Want to know why hes acting like a tool? Because shes letting him. You set the bar. The men will come.

Ladies! Stand up for yourself!

2. I am a firm believer that you should do another Spinster a solid in the way that you treat boys/let them treat you because the odds are you will not end up with your boy of the week and that he will end up dating/marrying a fellow Spinster.

So if you stood up for yourself and didnt let a boy treat you like laundry lint, maybe hed think twice before going vampire on the next girl.

Stepping off my soap box,

Wait- not yet.
 Vampires these days are considered sleek and hot. But seriously, biting people is still weird.

Okay, now Im done.

p.p.s Yes this is Harry Potter font. Judge me. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Gert and Char: Reloaded


Now that we live in the same state again, we have….

Had a reunion brunch. All sorts of fancy delicacies were eaten.

We go on walk and talks. We don’t run. We talk about boys and our feelings.

We mock social media but secretly use some of it.

We justify each other’s impulse purchases.

In all the years we’ve been kindred spirits, we have never gone on a double date together. Apparently people like us better when we’re apart. Whatever.

We like old buildings and vintage furniture. Not because that’s hip these days but because we read books like Bleak House.

Char tries to persuade Gert to get back on Pinterest and covet with her.

Gert treats Char to lunch for graduating.

We frown upon V-necks on guys.

Happy summer ladies,

Charlotte and Gertrude