Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vampire Boy


So there I was at Walmart after dark.
Not my fav.
But as I was walking out I saw two girls talking excitedly.
As they walked past me I heard,

Friend of Girl: So how bad is it?
Girl: Well see for yourself. as she pulls her hoodie away from her neck.

Full on hickey.

(Usually at this point I would do a Spinsters definition" but this is just too awkward.)

Girl: He bit it.
Friend of Girl: I know. I can tell.

Excuse?! Is this real life?

1. In what universe would a girl let a guy treat her that way? Gert and I are big on chivalry and (trying) to be classy so this sort of thing outrages us. Just because a guy may treat a girl like shes second-hand, doesnt mean that she should prove him right. Want to know why hes acting like a tool? Because shes letting him. You set the bar. The men will come.

Ladies! Stand up for yourself!

2. I am a firm believer that you should do another Spinster a solid in the way that you treat boys/let them treat you because the odds are you will not end up with your boy of the week and that he will end up dating/marrying a fellow Spinster.

So if you stood up for yourself and didnt let a boy treat you like laundry lint, maybe hed think twice before going vampire on the next girl.

Stepping off my soap box,

Wait- not yet.
 Vampires these days are considered sleek and hot. But seriously, biting people is still weird.

Okay, now Im done.

p.p.s Yes this is Harry Potter font. Judge me. 

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