Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Who knew October was the new June when it came to weddings? Gert and I are both bridesmaids (for separate weddings) but we both were asked to wear gray. Gert asked for me to peruse my closet for a gray dress for her in exchange that I could borrow a gray pencil skirt from her.

After sending her a few picture texts she said,

“I will ask the bride the exact gray she wants. That first pic you sent has serious potential. I am looking and I don’t have a gray skirt for you….supertankers unhelpful. Sorry! Want to go shop/get an early dinner?”

Two seconds later I got another text from her:

“Supertankers? Not sure what that word is but it seems to fit.”

Supertankers: An adjective used to describe all things unpleasant.

1.    Last week I worked two back-to-back 11 hour work days. Supertankers.
2.    Got a flat tire in a tiny town last weekend and no maintenance stores were open. Supertankers
3.    When people ask you questions at work that you don’t know the answer to. Supertankers
4.    Paying money to see a movie in theaters and it was less than prima. Supertankers

Things that are NOT Supertankers:

Making metallic pumpkins with my sister tonight.
Getting gift certificates at work
The fact that Gert and I are both on a lipstick kick as of late.
Shopping for new funky glasses and learning there is a buy one get one free sale happening.

Shortly after our texting conversation we went shopping. Gert to return impulse buys and Char to make impulse buys.

High five,

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