Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Out of the Mouth of a Babe


Small Child: “So your sister is married?
Char: “Yeah she is.”
Small Child: “And your other sister is married?”
Char: Oh crap. I see where this is going. “Yep. She is too. Let’s play a game.”
Small Child: “Are you married?”
Char: “No I’m not. Do you want a snack?”
Small Child: “How come?”
Char: “How come what?” I thought snack was the ultimate child distracter. How do I get her to stop talking?
Small Child “How come you’re not married?”
Did her mom tell her I’m not married? Why is she asking me this? Do I teach this infant about Spinsterhood? Is that too advanced?”
Char: “Well….”
Small Child: “My uncle’s not married.”
Char: Phew.
Small Child: “He’s 40.”
Char: What?!? Do I really look 40?!?
Small Child: “Why aren’t you married?”
Char: “Because I haven’t found someone who is awesome enough to marry.”
Small Child: “Let’s have a snack.”
Char: “Bless you.”

Bringing Dora the Explorer DVDs next time,


  1. Love it. I bet theirs parents put them up to it.....haha.

  2. This post is pretty much my life. Love it. Your stories never disappoint!