Friday, May 31, 2013

All My Bags Are Packed

Want to get a boyfriend?

No better way than by leaving.

Recently, we have found that once you tell the boy (whom you have been waiting six months to ask you out) that you are moving, bam---He will ask you out!


Oh please, by all means. Ask me out now, you little lunatic.

This has led us to believe through deductive (or is it inductive?) reasoning, that one should probably lie about moving and then you will get a boat load of dates.

Let the news spread far and wide. 

Even throw yourself a little going away party.  

Then, cheat the system and STAY (cue best villainy laugh).........these guys won't know what hit 'em. Distance can no longer be their reasoning for not taking you out.

Sure, this sounds shady, but it is a dog eat dog world out there.

Trying to throw you a bone,

Char and Gertrude


  1. so i just found your blog -- and you are hilarious! thank you for the comic relief.

  2. for reals? i'm going to use that as my opener from now on... "hi my name is kylee, i'm moving."

  3. Yet again, I feel like you are narrating my life! Guys really have the worst timing...

  4. "Even throw yourself a little going away party" LOL. You are hilarious!!! I may try this approach and see if I finally get some dates! :)