Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spinster Infomercial

Are you feeling frustrated?

Is dating starting to feel like an endless hideous merry-go-round that you are incapable of escaping?

Do you find yourself venting with your girlfriends about the same tired complaints?

If you’re tired of feeling emotionally carsick because the men in your life are driving like unpredictable terrors, know that you are not alone.

There are many of us.

We are called Spinsters.

Here at A Spinster’s Guide to Dating we talk about all the vexations of a single life and support you through pep talks, stories of our own gruesome dates, and ways to spice up your life, all with a touch of class and sass.

You see, Spinsterhood is a sisterhood and we must share the love.

What can you do?

1) Follow us.
Lots of Spinsters have asked how they can follow us if they don’t have a blog.

Very simple:

1.           Go to
2.         Sign in with your Google email account username and password
3.          Choose a Blogger name
4.        Under Reading List click “Add” and paste our link then click “Follow”.

And you’re done! Now when you go to the blog you can sign in at the right corner and comment to your hearts content.

2) Post our link  on Facebook.

This social network is not only good for looking at the profile pictures of your ex’s new girlfriend (you’re way cuter) but it is also a place to share the light this blog has given you.  There are many Spinsters out there pining away and remember, with great knowledge comes great responsibility.

Don’t let the boys drain you of your stamina. You are a busy, confident, driven young lady and let’s be honest, being a Spinster is kind of fun. Especially when we all get together on the blog and do lunch.

Spreading the Spinster love,

Gertrude and Charlotte

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