Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bridal Shower Panic

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Spinsters attend (and generally host) a plethora of bridal showers. These little get-togethers can be a fun time to celebrate with the bride and catch up with fellow married and unmarried girlfriends alike or can be a draining, depressing, takeupyourwholeday ordeal. 

We hosted one this weekend and here are a few tips that make or break your shower: 

§  Dont have only desserts. Ladies, especially Spinsters, need sustenance to make it through how darling the brides engagement story is. In fact, at this weekends bash each Spinster was eating at a feverish pace while other married ladies kept their cool. Nothing says panicked anxiety like shoveling shower food down your face.

§  Do have a scrumptious feast that mirrors a country club brunch. Nothing says classy like chicken salad sandwiches. Props Gert. 

§  Dont make it so raunchy everyone feels uber awkward.

§  Do keep it sassy.

§  Dont play 9 back-to-back games of make a toilet paper wedding gown. Spinsters have to do laundry, go to the bank, return ill fitting skinny jeans and finish that blasted Health and Nutrition reflection paper on Saturdays.

§  Do have at least 1 or 2 quick games that break the ice for guests.

§  Dont go home and therapy-eat 8 gallons of Fudge-o-Chip icecream.

§  Do be happy for the bride. You never knowyou might be the one on the bride throne one day.

But in the meantime, were here for you
         ready with our dye cuts to make your shower invitations.

Mentally preparing for summer wedding season,

Gert and Char 


  1. every time i read your posts i find myself nodding my head and shouting things like "you're right!" "i feel the same way" "story of my life" this blog is basically my life but written by you two lovelies.

  2. MY TOTAL COUNT OF CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICHES: (drum-roll) 6. SIXXXX. I am out of control.

    I mean it when I say I am an obese spinster in a skinny spinster's bod.

  3. How amazing is that picture with your opening quote? You would have just stopped right there, but the rest of the post was quote a delight. Favorite advice was to not play 9 games; my new favorite game that was recently played at a baby shower I attended was eating a cake and who ever got the little plastic baby inside, won a prize. Eating as a game. I say yes.

  4. yes i already commented but this was too good not to share. my grandma told a story at dinner tonight about a lady, who was a bit off her rocker, who threw a bridal shower. what did she serve as refreshments? nothing but tootsie rolls and m&m's. funniest thing of my life. can you imagine? that would be so awkward yet so hilarious that i'm seriously considering doing it. but not really because the bride-to-be would probably hate me for it.

    1. Oh wow. That made me laugh so hard reading that. How did people serve themselves? Did she give everyone cereal bowls or what? So classy.

  5. this is the story of my life!!!! LOL

  6. okay this is too great.
    do: let your friends throw you a shower.
    don't: ASK your friends to throw you a shower and then ASK for a Kitchen Aid Mixer as a gift.
    Yep that happened.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!! So glad I could find this blog...what a gem.

  7. p.s. why does it look like a spaghetti noodle is hanging out of that girls mouth? WHAT is that?!?