Friday, March 2, 2012

Mind Boggling, Truly Mind Boggling


So there I was....trying to concentrate in my English class. I became a bit fidgety and pulled out my phone to check the time.....maybe I was texting, so sue me. Anyways, as I was conspicuously texting under my desk I felt a glob of stickiness and almost gasped in disgust!


There was gum under my desk. Now this wasn't ancient gum that dates back to the 90's. That I could handle, that I had seen before. No, this gum was fresh. I would say, one to two days old.

Am I not a college student?

Am I not attending a University comprised of students 18 years and older?

Then why, pray tell, do I find a chewable substance stuck under my desk as if a three year old had possessed the seat? This was mind boggling. The person sitting in my seat could not stand up and walk to the garbage to dispose of his/her gum. Heaven forbid he/she rip a paper from his/her notebook and stick his/her gum to it. No, why do this when you can simply stick it under the desk like a juvenile delinquent  who carves their name into the wall?

I apologize for the rant.

But please, join in expressing the mind-boggling occurrences that plague the lives of Spinsters who are just trying to make it through yet another day of school and work....

The always baffled...


  1. Gert, 

    I have been itching for you to post this because ever since you told me how things boggle your mind I haven't been able to stop finding things that are truly mind blowing. 

    For example: Last night I turned off my lights and pulled out my flashlight to read Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
    (Historical Fiction+Romance=MONEY!!)
    Anyways, one of the settings on my flashlight was "laser". When would I ever need a flashlight that was a laser? Unless we all of a sudden have a space invasion I find this invention bizarre, and well....mind boggling.

    Peace and Blessings,


  2. Great post. I love anything and everything that begins with "So there I was"