Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spinster Bike Sale

Meet Stella. The vintage bike.

I bought this little beaut last summer from a lady named Victoria who inherited it from her great aunt.

Stella is a Free Spirit.

No but seriously, that’s the brand name. She is ruby red and loves going on rides in parks, across campus and especially to get carmel swirl icecreams. She’s a little flirtatious as she has a bell which likes to be rung at cute tan boys or people who are walking uber slowly on the sidewalk in front of her.

Sadly, I must find her a new Spinster as I no longer have room to keep her.

Probably the worst break-up I’ll ever go through.

However, I know I can trust her in your safe keeping. This is an exclusive offer as I am putting her up for sale on the blog first for a steal’in $100. If you bought one of these puppies at the store you would be fork’in over at least $300-$600. I’ll put her up at KSL after about a week so you need to get tip-tappin.

If you want to be Stella’s new best friend email Charlotte at

Riding off into the sunset one last time,


Brand: Free Spirit
Price:   $100
Color:  Ruby Red
Accents: Bell and Cushy Seat

If you buy Stella you will look SUPER J. Crew. See below for proof.

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