Friday, June 29, 2012

Charlotte's Bucket List


To do

Milk a cow.
Have a full blown chocolate pudding fight.
         (I have already had a jello one…
but my legs got stuck together like a mermaid.
Explode something in the microwave. On purpose.
Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant.
Get a picture with someone who is famous.
Be completely irresponsible one day.
Take a cooking class and bake crème brulee and not burn it.
Sit in a natural hot spring
Mush a dogsled
Shoot a bow and arrow at an animal
(But try and miss because that would be so sad if I hit it.
 I would probably cry)
Own a pair of Jimmy Choo flats.
Own a black lab.
Style my hair into dreadlocks for a whole summer.


Jump in puddles during a thunderstorm.
Touch the Great Pyramid.
Swim with dolphins.
Go to a movie by myself.
Give someone my autograph.
It may have been on a check at a grocery store but still…
Have a blog.
Race someone in a car.
         (Do I still have safety-first nightmares about it? Yes.)
Wash my hair in a waterfall.
Wink at a stranger.



p.s. What’s on your bucket list?


  1. Oh, how many things I have to say...First off, whenever you get around to your chocolate pudding fight, let me tell you, you will love it because your skin will feel oh-so-smooth and smell faintly of chocolate pudding for up to three days. Yum?:) Secondly, I can also highly recommend the black lab and the natural hot spring. Thirdly, ...pieces of various posts and a distinct lack of profanity and vulgarity lead me to believe you two go to BYU...could this be true? And if it is, please tell this spinster that you'll both still be there not this fall, but the next? Lastly, please don't ever end this blog, for that would be excessively tragic.

    1. Remember that part in “You’ve Got Mail” when Tom Hanks asks Meg Ryan online what her business is and she replies, “No specifics, remember?” We kind of live two lives. If our real life identifies and careers were leaked we would lose our super powers.
      But it’s safe to say we don't attend BYU.
      We just like keeping our blog classy.

  2. Would love to go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a fabulous hat, while the horse that I own wins it all!

    And, love to go to the Olympics in London next month...

  3. LOL, I love that you want to shoot and miss. Makes me love you even though I don't know you, because that's EXACTLY what I would do!

    Most of my bucket list includes traveling!
    xoxo, Amy

  4. Wow, great lists! I love that you did the list of things on your list and also the separate list of things already accomplished. :)

    Not sure what would be on my list, but I have done a lot of fun things already (walk on the Great Wall of China, go snorkeling off the coast of Australia, etc), so I am pretty lucky. :)


  5. I've always wanted to milk a cow, but haven't yet found someone that has a cow for me to milk. If I find one, I'll let you know.