Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Flags in Dating


Red Flag: Noun. A social faux pas seen in dating that should scream “WARNING” to you and your future decisions.

Below are what we think are some big time red flags.

His mom cleans his room, does his laundry and buys him back-to-grad-school clothes at Brooks Brothers.
 If prince charming has not been weaned off of mama and that childhood umbilical cord has not been cut, you are in for a treat.

Just wants a bride.

This is a spooky one. It’s like he has a cut-out ready and is just waiting for you to poke your head through. Are you a female? Are you breathing? Perfect. Want to get married?

Not going to school.

You want to marry someone who is smart. You don’t want to have to make tough decisions like house prices, insurance adjustments and child discipline alone. Marriage is a team sport.

Talks badly about ex-girlfriends.

Sure we don’t have warm fuzzies about all the people we used to date, but there is generally a feeling that you both messed up a little. So if he constantly bashes on old girls and everything was their fault you eventually might be added to that “long list of traitors who don’t understand”(Thanks T-Sweezey *) 

Has to look at his phone/FB newsfeed/World of Warcraft status like it’s his oxygen supply.

All we can say about this one is run. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! You want a real boyfriend. Not a virtual reality one.

Mean to the little people.

When we say little people we mean the people who do not give your date any social or monetary advantage such as clerks, waiters, strangers in line at the movie ticket place, children, parking lot attendants…

If your date can’t see that these people are important and that he needs to make them feel a little better about themselves then don’t waste your time.

But these are just a few…What do you think are some big time red flags ladies? 
You have to tell us what to watch out for!

Painting the Town Red,

Gert and Char


  1. Says he wants to date other girls to make sure you're the ONE.
    Head for the hills if this is the case!!!!!

    (And please learn from my experience...just because he's a recent RM, doesn't mean jack. If he still wants some wings, then he's not ready.

  2. I've dated every single one of those guys. A red flag on one of the guys I dated was when I brought him home for the *first* time and my mom and sister walk in the door after getting home from skiing. He sees them in their snow clothes (this being the first words he says to my mother) and asks, "do you ski or snowboard?" and my mom says, "oh we ski." and he was all, "skiing is for WOMEN and POSERS." We pretty much showed him the door after that one.

  3. red flag = the frequent use of "lol" in said male's text messages. disgusting.

  4. Red flag: A sign of arrogance is the kind of bad listening that always steers the conversation back to his own stories. Watch out for'll just turn into a vehicle for his own ego. Waste of time much?

  5. Red Flag: If he obsesses over Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and counts down the days until its new edition. NO ONE LOOKS LIKE THAT.

  6. Red Flag: "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you. You're self righteous and act like you're better than everyone else." I appreciate the input, but you couldn't have brought that up any other way? Sheesh.